Video Creation for Schools

Streaming video can be invaluable in promoting universities, colleges or schools as part of their ongoing marketing activities or an addition to their online prospectus.

An immersive video prospectus can take the form of a narrated, virtual tour, giving children and parents a unique insight into the heritage, culture and values of the school.

Online video can promote all areas of the campus, from the grounds and buildings through to individual classrooms and other facilities. Teaching staff interviews, pupils’ testimonials and alumni references can all be included giving prospective pupils and parents a true flavour of the school. Voice-overs can also be recorded in a number of different languages to assist potential students from overseas.

Additionally we can create custom graphics to show, for example, the school syllabus or perhaps Ofsted performance data with the full school branding.

Once the video ‘master’ has been created and approved there are a number of opportunities for its use. As well as the online syllabus it can be used as a school DVD for example, or even included in a laptop slide presentation.

Unlike a printed prospectus, an online school video is quick and easy to update. If changes are required there will be no need to incur costs for reprinting and postage. We simply re-edit the master and upload it to your site. A simple email can then be sent out with a link to the updated video online.

All in all, video is a highly cost-effective way to ensure your school, college or university stands out from the crowd.
Over the years SEA has produced a great many videos for schools. If you would like to receive our showreel DVD, please don’t hesitate to contact us.